Introducing Brand Spotting on Twitter

Measure and amplify the reach and engagement of your brand through our new machine learning platform.

brand measurement

quantify your brand marketing program

If you can't measure it, you cannot manage it. Social marketing and sponsorship programs should be and can be tracked quantitatively.

Zample gives you the information to tell you precisely how well your marketing programs are working on all media; web, social media, broadcast, and printed materials.

earned media 360

zample tracks your media on

web social media broadcast TV/radio printed materials

zample recognizes media

zample recognizes your content on all media


Millions of sites are crawled daily. You can see the most valuable matches first based on the ranked results.

social media

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram images are tracked daily. We count favorites, retweets, friends and followers to measure total audience numbers.

broadcast tv & radio

Our customers track thousands of hours of content against thousands of TV and radio stations every day – you can too!

printed materials

Thousands of print publications scanned daily - coverage in the US, UK and EU.

zample recognizes all media types


We identify and track your brand and any other images no matter where they appear.


We track images within video.

We also track video clips such as TV commercials and movie trailers.


We match TV & radio audio against a large database of TV advertisements, shows, and movies.


We detect text-based articles. Our clients find which partners are distributing their articles for billing.