opportunity knocks

zample is a cloud-based service that detects and matches audio and image content to opportunity.

From the background of your app, our free SDK detects top TV shows, national brand ads, and other content, and delivers to you free analytics daily along with new ways to make the cash register ring.

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analyze this

zample delivers fresh daily analytics, free of charge, showing you what brand, media and advertising content your audience is exposed to.

These insights help to build a media profile of your audience, which in turn could help you improve the app user experience and realize new monetization opportunities.

opportunities found

zample matches in-app detections from living room audio, or from images right out of your Twitter stream, to our discovery and offer database - returning value that can help monetize your app.

zample is working with an array of partners to bring new monetization opportunities to you, automatically. (so sign up, it's free!)